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  • ==<font size=6>'''Welcome to Gene Vision'''</font>== placeholder=Search Gene Vision
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  • *[[#Low vision clinic|'''Low vision clinic''']]<br> ...should lessen with time as you learn to adjust to life with your remaining vision.
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  • ...ou are no longer able to drive. Some patients might still have good enough vision to meet the minimum driving standards set by the Driving and Vehicle Licens <b>OR</b> in the only good eye if the other eye has complete loss of vision (unable to detect light) <b>AND</b>
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  • Normally, vision is formed through a multi-step process. Light entering into the eye is firs [[Category:Low vision]]
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  • ...ommon symptoms associated with aniridia are glare, light sensitivity, poor vision and nystagmus. ...loss#Low vision clinic|'''low vision services''']] to help optimise their vision so that they can remain independent.
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  • ...ght vision, followed by loss of peripheral vision and then loss of central vision from late middle age onwards. Males are mainly affected due to its [[Inheri ...s with their colour vision and contrast vision despite having good central vision. The symptoms can vary in severity between patients, even within the same f
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  • ...and produce the required protein for survival, thereby restoring parts of vision or preserving remaining sight. ...cements/fda-approves-novel-gene-therapy-treat-patients-rare-form-inherited-vision-loss '''US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'''] in December 2017.<ref nam
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  • ...rience a variety of symptoms such as glare, severe light sensitivity, poor vision and [ '''n *'''Poor vision from a young age'''
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