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The lens is a clear and flexible structure located behind the iris. Its main function is to focus light onto the fovea, enabling us to see in sharp detail. It is supported by various ligaments and muscles, and can change its curvature to focus on objects at different distances.

This image demonstrates the cornea, which is a clear transparent layer that is located in front of the iris (a structure that gives the eye colour) and the lens.
Location of the cornea, iris and lens as seen normally (A) and a three dimensional illustration (B). Note the lens is behind the cornea (in green circle) and the iris


Cataracts is the clouding of the lens leading to blurred or misty vision . There are many causes to cataract formation but the most common by far is ageing. In many inherited eye disorders, cataracts might be present from birth or develop at a younger age than people not affected by these disorders.

A person with a cataract, showing clouding of the natural human lens.